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  • 12/19/12 Help Portrait Milwaukee – Giving Back’s Never Been So Fun

    Pampering is a must, even if you can’t afford to go to the most expensive salon and spa. Every day, we tend to go about our ways, getting ready in the quickest way possible, going to work long enough so we can pay the bills, coming back and making dinner for the family, eat, and maybe squeeze in some television while working from home before going to bed and doing it all over again. For some of us, getting our hair or make-up done is a matter of time. When we have the luxury to do such things, we don’t even think twice about the money we spend.


    What about the numerous amounts of people who don’t even have the option to feel good about themselves because they can’t afford to look good? Help Portrait Milwaukee is an organization that revolves around helping these types of people. By taking photos of people in need, Help Portrait Milwaukee is able to distribute an act of greatness.


    Why is taking a picture of someone such a big deal?


    It’s not about taking a picture of someone in need; it’s about offering them a chance to feel good and confident because not only will their picture be taken, but they will be “glammed up” by volunteer hair and makeup artists.


    This is a life-changing event for somewhere the help may not be for the physical body, but for the uplifting spirits and mental positivity.


    The next event? December 7-9.


    Go to these websites for more information on the event and how to help: